Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to Genghis-Con

B: Why does it end in "CON?"

P: Because it stands for convention.

B: Oh, it's spelled C-O-N.

P: Yeah, how did you think it was spelled?

B: K-H-A-N

P: You thought it was Comic-Khan, as in Genghis Khan?

*dissolves into laughter*


  1. LOVE. Oh, I miss you guys, thanks for doing this so I can stay in the (very strange) loop of Bryan-isms...

  2. We immediately need to reserve some convention space for the first ever Khan-Con. Anyone who comes dressed up as the villain from Star Trek II, however, will be slapped. This is history, not fanboy fantasy!

  3. Well there goes my comment about The Wrath of Khan and how appropriate it would be to have a Star Trek reference for Comic-con. Oh and there are Genghis Khan days in Mongolia.